Thursday, January 21, 2016

Noah's Opinion on Money in Politics

My opinion on money in politics is there is a big amount of money in politics. Trump can basically buy his way into the White House and no one will really do anything about it. He is already ahead in polls but will still put money into the campaign to get ahead and that's because the american system is made like that.

Aleko's Opinion on Money in Politics

Money has become politics. I think money in politics is ridiculous. There shouldn't be this much money and exclusionary politics. It makes useful 3rd parties irrelevant other than a vehicle for major parties to gain more voters. I think there should be no money involved. Everyone sees where the politicians stand on issues and than you vote, none of the nonsense of 50 year old men yelling like 4 year olds on stage. It is silly backward country and I hate that it has become normal to waste so much money when this money could go to people who are really in need.

Brandon's Opinion on Money in Politics

I think money play's a role in politics. Not too big of one though. Donald Trump will probably do very well in the election due to his big stacks of money but I think its his ideas that will really do well and get votes. You need to have strong moral and political beliefs before you have money involved. The one thing he has to look out for is Marco Rubio, he has that strong chin and darn good hair.

Donny Trump's Money Numbers

List of Top Supporters
MDC Holdings $10,800
Emergency Care Dynamics $5,400
Heritage Bag Co $5,400
Milwaukee Rheumatology Center $5,400
Meridian Capital $5,000
US Dept of Defense $3,419
Osg Inc $3,241
Price Point $3,078
One Hour Ac $3,000
Tiger Global Management $2,972
Robinson Holdings $2,813
Avair $2,757
William E Martin & Sons $2,700
Vtmi Inc $2,700
Whiteford'S Inc $2,700
Swan Creek Candle Co $2,700
Kaiser Permanente Hospital $2,700
McGeorge Rolling Hills RV $2,700
Tv Personality Bail Bondsman $2,700
Walnut Bottom Radiology $2,700
Command Corp $2,700
Subway 200 Inc $2,700
Nipm $2,700
Western Care Construction $2,700
Fst Sand & Gravel $2,700
Vectrus System'S Corp $2,700
Pixarbio Corp $2,700
Fj Feddersen Inc $2,700
Westerlin Harrington Flying Service $2,700
Double Diamond Construction $2,700
Worth Corporate Planning $2,700
Ed Voyles Automotive Group $2,700
Noven $2,700
Terra Holdings $2,700
Northwestern University $2,700
Rapidsound Inc $2,700
Magnum Magnetics Corp $2,700
Edwards Electric & Telecom Inc $2,700
Aristocrat Leisure Ltd $2,700
Quaker City Castings $2,700
Berkshire Hathaway Automotive $2,700
Pcs Software Inc $2,700
Poseidon Barge $2,700
Burls Termite Control $2,700
University of Redlands $2,700
Intentional Corp $2,700
Sacramento Jet Center $2,700
Golden Bay Invest Ltd $2,700
Crivello Corp $2,700
Bergener Mirejovsky $2,700
Hollis Lasik $2,700
500 Group $2,700
Big Sky Communication & Cable $2,700
Kavlico $2,700
Sun Chevrolet $2,700
James River Heating & Air $2,700
Arthrex Inc $2,700
Jim Hardman Buick Gmc Inc $2,700
Nantkwest $2,700
Howard Savings & Loan $2,700
US Food & Drug Administration $2,700
AON Corp $2,700
Kdr Supply $2,700
Boch Enterprises $2,700

Most contributions in Metropolitan Areas
NEW YORK $46,126
BOSTON, MA-NH $38,515
HOUSTON $36,145
DALLAS $33,295
ATLANTA $23,424
DENVER $22,012

Trump Trumping the Trumpeters

Trump has a powerful approach to politics and that is give the public "honesty." So when he comes out being brutally honest about the political system and the money moving throughout it people get so excited and give him a lot more money.
He is saying that he is also part of this system and he is still getting praise because he speaks out.

Donald Trumps Supporters

Donald Trump in the beginning of his campaign was not seen as the threat the he is today. Before he has a joke and everyone laughed at the idea of Trump 2016 and now it is a very real possibility. Trump has had supporters from the beginning trying to give him donations. Some Individuals are making it known to the public that they are very much willing to give him much more than that which the government deems legal ($2,700). One man who tried this was the billionaire car dealer Ernie Boch. He tried to donate just under $87,000 to Trump before getting it refunded and than says he would donate 1 million if he could.
donald trump news things daily trump

While people like this exist the opposite exist as well. Either donors of the republican or democratic party that Trump has gotten this far. They refuse to donate to him because they don't see him as a real candidate still. But this attitude against Donald is getting old and most these donors cant fight the fact that he is diffidently an opponent if not the opponent to beat.Whether that means donate to the opposing party or someone else in the Republican party.

Trump Budget

Although Donald Trump is given plenty of free media due to his aggressive and brash natured persona he still requires significantly more coverage and advertisements and donations. Even though he has such a large amount of money of his own the way the political machine works you just have to keep throwing money at it.
Also considering reports suggest he burns through 100% of his campaign money he is hungry for more fuel.

Trump's Campaign reported the money situation in October of 2015:

  • $3,926,511 raised during the third quarter 
  • 73,942 "unsolicited donations" 
  • $50.46 average contribution 
  • $5,828,922 in total receipts 
  • $1,909,576 of that from Trump's personal fortune 
  • $5,574,149 in total disbursements 
  • $254,772 cash on hand

Make America Great Again

Donald trump started his run for office with an easy $1.8 million of his own money for jump starting his campaign. He spent $500,000 alone on hats and other apparel. Suffice to say he isn't afraid to spend his own money but as his campaigning continued the spending of his own money decreased. He saw that he was doing very well in the polls and Trump said it was a good business decision to simply spending less than he needs to.

He very recently posted on twitter that his campaign is $35 million under budget and than took a stab at Jeb Bush's campaign wealth. He has also said that he will start to run some very expensive advertisements costing him a lot of money out of his pocket. Donald Trump knows an easy way into the White House is buying your ticket and if he has to he plans to do just that.
My campaign for president is $35,000,000 under budget, I have spent very little (and am in 1st place).Now I will spend big in Iowa/N.H./S.C.