Thursday, January 21, 2016

Donald Trumps Supporters

Donald Trump in the beginning of his campaign was not seen as the threat the he is today. Before he has a joke and everyone laughed at the idea of Trump 2016 and now it is a very real possibility. Trump has had supporters from the beginning trying to give him donations. Some Individuals are making it known to the public that they are very much willing to give him much more than that which the government deems legal ($2,700). One man who tried this was the billionaire car dealer Ernie Boch. He tried to donate just under $87,000 to Trump before getting it refunded and than says he would donate 1 million if he could.
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While people like this exist the opposite exist as well. Either donors of the republican or democratic party that Trump has gotten this far. They refuse to donate to him because they don't see him as a real candidate still. But this attitude against Donald is getting old and most these donors cant fight the fact that he is diffidently an opponent if not the opponent to beat.Whether that means donate to the opposing party or someone else in the Republican party.

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