Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trump Budget

Although Donald Trump is given plenty of free media due to his aggressive and brash natured persona he still requires significantly more coverage and advertisements and donations. Even though he has such a large amount of money of his own the way the political machine works you just have to keep throwing money at it.
Also considering reports suggest he burns through 100% of his campaign money he is hungry for more fuel.

Trump's Campaign reported the money situation in October of 2015:

  • $3,926,511 raised during the third quarter 
  • 73,942 "unsolicited donations" 
  • $50.46 average contribution 
  • $5,828,922 in total receipts 
  • $1,909,576 of that from Trump's personal fortune 
  • $5,574,149 in total disbursements 
  • $254,772 cash on hand

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